About Us

At The A-Team, we love what we do! We have established relationships with over 120 banks and lenders, which allows us to find the best rates and programs for our clients. Whether you are looking for a first-time home loan, a refinance, a reverse mortgage, or any other mortgage product, we can help you achieve your goals. The A-Team at Barrett Financial is not just your mortgage broker; we are your partners in your homeownership journey. With over 100 years of combined experience and the licenses to practice in 49 states, we have helped thousands of clients nationwide secure their dream homes. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and honest advice and offering personalized solutions to ensure you get rates that fit your budget. We work with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the closing and beyond. Contact us today, and let us show you how we can make your mortgage experience easy and enjoyable. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Meet The A-Team

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Frank Apodaca

Chief Loan Originator

Frank is not just your average mortgage lender, with over 30 years of experience, he's the best in the business!

When he's not coaching clients on their mortgage options, you can find him cracking jokes and making everyone around him laugh. His unique personality and approach to lending make him stand out from the crowd. Unlike other lenders who have a strict and serious demeanor, Frank is able to make his clients feel comfortable and at ease during the process of applying for a mortgage.

Because Frank genuinely cares about his clients, he takes the time to understand their financial situation and goals. Then he creates a personalized loan package that fits their budget and lifestyle. He's got a talent for finding the perfect loan for any situation, and his clients always leave feeling like they've gotten the best deal possible. He is also incredibly knowledgeable about the mortgage industry and is always up to date with the latest trends and products.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, Frank has the expertise to guide you through the process with ease. He can explain complex mortgage concepts in a way that anyone can understand, all while making them laugh with his jokes and funny anecdotes. With his magnetic personality and infectious laugh, you'll forget you're even dealing with a mortgage at all!

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Jordyn Ross

Operations Manager

Meet Jordyn, our mortgage maven who's not your typical financial whiz! When she's not conquering the world of home loan paperwork, she's conquering the snowy trails on her trusty cross-country skis – talk about a multi-dimensional financial planner!

She'll help you navigate the twists and turns of mortgage options with grace and a touch of flair. She's got a knack for making finances less daunting and more intriguing, whether it's unraveling the mysteries of financial planning or helping you chart your course toward homeownership.

So, whether you're envisioning your dream home or seeking some delightful surprises in the world of finance, Jordyn's your go-to guide. Let's make your financial journey not just successful but wonderfully extraordinary!

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Amy Damian

Senior Processing Manager

Meet Amy, the mortgage processor extraordinaire who knows everything there is to know about mortgage loans! Amy is a master of two things: mortgage processing & baking. 

Due to her 30 years of experience and previous position as a certified DE Underwriter, she can process a loan flawlessly or whip up a scrumptious cake with equal ease and skill. She says that mortgages and baking have a lot in common: they both require precision, patience, and creativity. And they both make people happy.

Amy knows how to handle the heat and pressure of the mortgage industry, and she always delivers sweet results. She is passionate about providing excellent customer service and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, colleagues, and partners. She is always ready to answer any questions and offer guidance throughout the mortgage journey.

Amy's expertise in mortgage wholesale, resale, and operations is unparalleled, making her a true asset to the A-Team.

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Tralise Witherspoon

Loan Originator

Dynamic, Motivated, Results-Driven are just a few of the words that people use to describe this mortgage loan veteran. Possessing a 30-year track record in captive finance, credit risk analysis, real estate sales, mortgage loan origination, conventional and government mortgage loan underwriting, Tralise’s expertise in the mortgage loan industry is unrivaled.As a mortgage loan consultant and former REALTOR— for Arizona and California—she is empathetic and attentive to the needs of even the most sensitive cases. Tralise responds in a timely fashion to keep her clients and partners consistently informed and engaged throughout the mortgage loan process. As a Certified FHA Mortgage Loan Underwriter, Tralise possesses over 15 years underwriting experience. She embodies the esoteric knowledge to effectively structure and document the loan from an underwriter's point of view--thereby avoiding inconvenient delays and pitfalls. Tralise is able to ensure a smooth transaction to make her clients’ loan experience easy and stress-free. Tralise has made it her mission in every transaction to “WOW” her clients and referral partners with an astounding customer service experience, excellent communication, and unparalleled follow-through from application to closing.

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Paul Martinez

NW Loan Originator

Paul has been a mortgage loan originator since he graduated college and with over quarter century of in the industry, there isn’t much Paul hasn’t seen. He has seen it all, from the Great Recession to all-time low mortgage rates, and he knows how to help his clients navigate the ups and downs of the market. Paul is not only a master of numbers, but also a master of words. He can craft a compelling loan application that will make any lender say yes.

Paul is also a loyal Oregon Ducks fan, and he never misses a game. He loves the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys hiking, skiing ang golfing. Paul is always looking for new adventures and challenges, and he is ready to assist you with your mortgage needs. When Paul isn’t working loans you can find him traveling SE Asia! Contact him today and find out why he is the best in the business.

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Julio Quintana

Loan Originator

Julio is the mortgage lender you want to have on your side. With over 20 years of experience, he knows the ins and outs of the home buying market. He can help you find the best deal for your dream home, whether it's a cozy condo, a spacious ranch, or a castle with a moat. 

He is bi-lingual, speaking both English and Spanish with ease. He can communicate with you in your preferred language and understand your specific needs and preferences. 

Julio is someone who can make your home buying experience enjoyable and stress-free.

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Athena Weinerth

Project Manager

Athena is a tall ancient goddess who has nothing to do with home loans. She is associated with wisdom, warfare, and handicraft, not with finance, interest rates, or mortgages. That's why she handles all things non-mortgage related for the A-Team.

Athena is responsible for organizing and managing various projects, from building temples and creating statues, to event planning and web design. She is a whiz at handling administrative tasks of all sorts, from creating proposals to sending invoices. She can take care of everything from A to Z, and anything in between.

She is also a fun-loving person who loves traveling, reading, and binge-watching Netflix.

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Dominick San Angelo

Corporate Attorney

Dom focuses his practice in the areas of business law and transactions. Within those areas, Dom’s practice is industry-agnostic and focused primarily on mergers & acquisitions, securities, corporate governance, franchise matters, and finance. He routinely serves as outside general counsel to his business clients, assisting them with matters ranging from entity structuring and commercial transactions to resolving intra-company disputes, representing claimants in civil asset forfeiture matters, and assisting with white collar criminal defense matters.

Dom has been recognized in the 2023 Southwest Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers; as a “Rising Star in Law” by The Phoenix Business Journal in 2021; and in the 2022 and 2023 lists of “Ones to Watch in America” by Best Lawyers. In addition to his legal practice, since 2019 Dom has been an adjunct professor of business ethics and law at the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University.